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Well for the first time in almost 3 years I'm single. I wont go in to it as I don't want to bore anyone. Turns out it's alot harder than it looks.



I thought it was about time that I introduced the world to Kitty. Kitty is my beautiful cat and I love him and all other cats a little too much. I'll stop and pet other cats in the street which my friends and passers by seem to think is a little odd but I enjoy being the crazy cat lady.

Really he's just like any other cat. But he's fluffy and sits with me when I'm upset or alone or when he's hungry and wants my bacon.

Don't worry this is my first and last post dedicated to Kitty. UNLESS he does something really really interesting...

which he doesn't do often...


This is one I practice, but it's more like a bottle of wine...

If you are going out for the evening, don’t go too early and have a few drinks before you leave. You will spend much less money but will still have fun!

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This year I lost my festival virginity and spent 5 muddy, smelly and amazing days at Leeds Fest. I had the best time ever. I did everything to excess and didn’t sleep a lot. I got really muddy but didn’t lose any shoes or fall in it. I got sunburnt boobs and my tent was like a swimming pool. I saw most of the bands I wanted to see and they were all mint. I think there’s too much to tell you so I’ll leave it at that. =)

“.imagine if you could buy a city apartment that was cheaper than a one bedroom apartment, but much, much better. That was specifically designed to reflect modern lifestyles. That could be customised to adapt to your own needs & personality. That was precision engineered to give you more for less. Not Bigger. Juts Smaller. That’s Abito.”

These award winning apartments are stylish, innovative and ultra modern. They are aimed to attract first time buyers, young professionals, singles and young couples on the first rungs of their career ladders who are ‘aiming for city centre living’. With the souring house prices and the credit crunch holding a tight grip on our purse strings these small apartments seem like a perfect solution for all of the above.

Fitting most of the above criteria I was excited when I stumbled across these apartments online and immediately began investigating. The apartments have a living space, kitchen, sleeping space, bathroom and copious amounts of storage and the majority come fully furnished in a style of your choice. What more could a girl want?

After digging deeper I discovered that although in the pictures make these apartments look very spacious they are only 374 square feet. That’s small. I was also confused as to where the bathroom and the cooker were. The cooker I discovered is a microwave with a grill setting and the ‘bathroom’ is inside the big white cube or ‘pod’ that occupies the majority of the space in the apartment. The Pod is there to house and hide all the utilities to ‘liberate space and create a circular walk that makes the flat live and breath’. All that is ok but I’m confused. Why would anyone want to live in one of these?

Ok it has everything I want, but in miniature. It’s like a ‘grown up’ version of a Wendy house. Ok to play in for a while but when it comes down to it you couldn’t live in it because it’s just not practical. Having a Japanese style fold up bed is fun for a while but when you have to do it every day it will get tedious. You can bring two or three of your friends around but that’s it. Any more and there’s no room to move and, unless you want them sharing your fold out bed, they had best live close because there’s only room on the sofa for one. So no wild party’s, and as a teenager I do still enjoy my wild party’s. Like your privacy? Well live here and say good bye to it. With no doors and a glass wall in your living room, everyone outside and the creepy guys on either side of you will be able to watch you doing your Natalie Cassidy workout DVD and see you dance around to Rhianna in just a towel.

Before I begin to sound like a grumpy old fart I’ll wrap this up. These apartments are cool. But so were cocaine and Pokémon cards. Everyone got bored of them eventually because they saw through the artificial hype and realised that cocaine was a deadly and addictive powder and Pokémon cards were just cards. I mentioned before that these apartments are aimed at first time buyers, young professionals, singles and young couples on the first rungs of their career ladders but who I really think their target market is, is young, naïve and pretentious individuals, who want to say they own a studio apartment in the city centre to impress their friends. I personally wouldn’t pay £116,000 for this as I could probably buy something bigger and make it look just as good outside the city centre and get the bus in to town.

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